viernes, 1 de febrero de 2013

Concept Art for Chico and Rita cartoon film

In 2007, I was working on pre-production design from Chico y Rita's movie, film produced by Javier Mariscal and directed by the spanish filmmaker, Fernando Trueba (Fernando got the Best Foreign Language Film Award from the Oscar Academy Awards in 1994). 

Chico y Rita was nominated to Oscars as Best Animated Feature in 2012.

It was a special day when we received the visit from the cubans artists Bebo Baldés (musician) and Juan Padrón (filmmaker). In this picture, I'm with my buddy David Parcerisa.
From right to left, spanish designer Javier Mariscal, David Parcerisa,  the musician Bebo Baldés,  Arly, an the cuban film director Juan Padrón. This photo was taken by Fernando Trueba.

Illustrated map of Downtown Elche.

A commission from the City Hall of Elche.

miércoles, 30 de enero de 2013

viernes, 25 de enero de 2013

Cars and Girls

A commission for  Pep Sempere Studio. Pencil and digital colour

Wall Mural for airdresser's shop Oh My Cut


After a trip on the motorbike to Art School, on one of those sunny mornings that signalled the end of winter 1985, I walked in to the room where we studied drawing and opened the windows. It was still too early for classes to start and none of my fellow students had yet arrived. I sat down and started drawing, with no fixed idea or direction in mind, and that is exactly what happened..well, more or less..I still lacked technique and practice to be able to tackle the picture and finish it exactly as I had imagined it. Since then, I worked on it on and off until April 2002. That spring, I shut myself in my studio and finished off what I called “Primavera”. I have made more than 50 versions in sketches, investigation and developing a mixed technique, or just purely enjoying myself. The project was born in Alicante, came with me to Valencia, then to Barcelona, I took it to Venezuela, back to Santa Pola an I then finally finished it off in Barcelona. During all that time, details were added to the original idea, details related to friendships that I had come across while working on the picture. Love also has a place in this apparent disarray.
Every time I stumble upon “Primavera”, I also bump in to old friends… and that morning and the light on that day back at the end of winter in 1985.

No computer programme  was involved in the process.

jueves, 24 de enero de 2013


Rita left us six years ago, recently is been opened this shop in Barcelona called in her memory Rita´smile where all the prints from the Graphic Art Publishing House Mama-graf can be found.
Rita Muñoz was my first publisher in 1990 and some kind of mother too.